Educational Visits/Activities

Educational Visits
Visits are encouraged provided they are worthwhile and meaningful to pupils.  All children take part from time to time in visits to places of interest.  These visits may be within easy walking distance or further afield when transport has to be arranged.  The cost of these visits is kept to a minimum and no child is excluded solely because of inability to pay.  Full details are sent to parents from the class teacher in accordance with the schools policy on school trips.

Charging/Remissions Policy for School Trips/Activities
In accordance with the 1988 Education Act, parents are asked to make voluntary contribution towards the cost of school trips/activities.  It is necessary to state that no child will be excluded from these activities if a parent chooses not to make a voluntary contribution, but equally, if there are not sufficient voluntary contributions for the activity to be viable then it will be necessary to cancel the event.  The school will endeavour to keep the costing of such activities as low as possible and they should have relevance to the educational aims in the classroom and school.  If any parent has a genuine hardship and cannot make a voluntary contribution either in full or part, they should discuss the matter with the headteacher who will offer advice and support.

Live Theatre Visits to School
There are several groups of actors touring schools in Monmouthshire with specially written or adapted plays suitable for pupils.  We have found these actors and performances to be worthwhile experiences for the pupils.  When we feel that a play is particularly suitable we invite the players to give performances during school time and on occasions we may ask for a small contribution towards the cost.