If your child is unwell and unable to attend school please call 01291 420465 before 9am to report their absence. Your child's absence will then be authorised by office staff.


School staff must not administer medicines such as doctor prescribed antibiotics, tablets etc.
Where it is essential for medication to take place in school hours, parents are asked to discuss the matter with the head teacher.
Asthma inhalers are permitted and pupils will be required to self administer. Pupils will have access to their inhalers at any time during day. Parents will be responsible for checking the inhalers contents and dates on a regular basis. A medical form will need to be completed by parents.
If your child complains of feeling unwell or meets with an accident, our hope will be to contact you. We ask parents to give details on a form provided, of addresses and telephone numbers, which may be used in these circumstances. Please let us know if your information changes during the year. Mobile telephone numbers change frequently and it is vital that we have the most recent number.
When contact cannot be made at home or with representatives, the child will have to remain in school until contact can be made. Serious illness and accidents will be dealt with by contacting the emergency services. Children who show signs of sickness or if they have had a disturbed night, should be kept home as a precaution.
Head lice
The school nurse does not check hair and therefore parents need to check their child’s hair regularly for head lice and eggs.