School Meals

School Meals
As a school, we promote healthy eating and were a pilot school for the Monmouthshire Healthy School Meals initiative. Excellent cooked meals, salads, jacket potatoes with various fillings and snack bar option twice a week are provided by Monmouthshire Catering each lunchtime in our canteen. Provision is also made for children bringing their own packed lunch.

We encourage good eating habits and polite table manners.


Dear Parent/Guardian,


The Council has set the budget for the 2018/19 financial year. Unfortunately to maintain the current standard of the primary sector school meal service it is necessary to increase the school meal charge.

Starting next term (Summer Term 2018) the school meal charge will increase from £2.10 to £2.45 per pupil per day.

The Council acknowledges that this is a significant increase and burden upon parents and guardians but to sustain the current service quality members have reluctantly approved the new charge.

Obviously this is unwelcome news but we will take this opportunity to describe in more detail what goes into providing the school meals service to primary sector schools.

The vast majority of food is freshly prepared and either cooked at the school, or for a few schools prepared at another Monmouthshire school and transported in daily.

The menu offers a daily choice and each meal is assessed to ensure that it meets nutritional standards demanded by Welsh Government. The aim is to ensure that the child enjoys a meal that is nutritionally balanced and of a suitable calorific value.

Every day there is a main course and a pudding and at least two main courses to choose from and a salad option is available daily.

The latest menu can be seen on the Monmouthshire County Council website. Follow this link:

The nutritional standards and details of the Welsh Government initiative ‘Healthy Eating Agenda 2014’ can be seen on the Welsh Government website. Follow this link:

Existing customers will be aware but for those wishing to take advantage of the service it is paid for via the school website.

Any price increase is unwelcome but I hope the way we prepare the meals, the choice, the guaranteed nutritional value and the quality of the food overall demonstrates that the service remains good value and a good choice for your child.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Bryan Jones

Cabinet Member for Monmouthshire CC Operations



Dinner money is collected through Parent Pay, cash is no longer accepted.  Contact the office if you need help registering for Parent Pay.

No school meals will be given on credit; please ensure that you credit your Parent Pay account in advance of when your child requires a meal.  If you are unsure on how to do this then please speak to the office.

Free Meal Grants
Free meal grants are available to families who need them. Application forms are available from:
The School and Student Access Unit,
Lifelong Learning and Leisure,
Monmouthshire County Council, 
County Hall, 
NP44 2XH

Telephone: 01633 64 (4510) or (4530) or (4516) or (4508)