School Uniform

We have a school uniform that we actively encourage pupils to wear as we believe our uniform adds to the ethos of the school assisting with good behaviour and fostering a strong feeling of belonging amongst the children. School uniform is worn by all the pupils.

Our school colour is red.


School uniform consists of the following:


White Polo Shirt

Grey Trousers

Red Sweatshirt / Fleece

Grey shorts in Summer

Black footwear


White Polo Shirt

Grey Skirt / Trousers

Grey Pinafore dress

Red Sweatshirt / Fleece / Cardigan

Red gingham dress in Summer

Black footwear 

Marking Clothes  

Occasionally children lose or misplace articles of clothing. Please help us to locate them easily by marking all garments clearly with their full name. Rucksacks, bags, lunch boxes etc. can all look very similar and should also be clearly marked for identification.


 Outdoor Clothing

We attempt to allow the children to play outside during all breaks and it is therefore advisable to send them to school well wrapped up against the elements during the winter months and protected from the sun in the summer term.

Physical Education

Indoor:  Black Shorts, house colour t-shirt

Outdoor:  Dark Tracksuit / Joggers and warm jumper / Sports Jacket and house colour t-shirt

Change of Trainers


Swimming Costume / Trunks

Swimming Hat


Goggles (optional)

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PE T-shirts

T-shirts should be in the colour of their houses. Red for fire, blue for water, white for wind and green for earth. vThere is no need to have the name of the house on the back.  A plain coloured t- shirt with short sleeves would be great.  If possible please do not have tops with pictures on or strappy tops without sleeves.  Thank you.