Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives

Mission Statement

Enjoyment in Learning

Our Vision

Our vision for Castle Park Primary School is for our school to be a happy, caring and supportive community where each child has the opportunity to realise their learning potential. From these secure beginnings we hope our children will emerge as confident, responsible and considerate citizens.

Aims and Objectives

1. Castle Park Primary School is an extension of the home and recognises the supportive role played by members of the wider community

2. Our school family is special and underpinned by strong values such as compassion, kindness, honesty and forgiveness.

3. Personal, social and spiritual development enhances academic achievement.

4. The school is a centre of learning, for pupils and staff, and that we can learn much from one another.

5. All members of the school community will have high expectations of behaviour and achievement, for themselves and others.

6. The school community is part of the community of Wales and the Welsh language, culture and heritage will be celebrated.

7. All members of the school community are unique and we will positively value differences and individual strengths.

8. All members of the school community will take responsibility for self, others and the environment around them.