The Year 6 members of Mission Green carried out the review on Friday, 26th April, 2013. They asked questions of Mrs Ford (Acting Head Teacher) and Mrs Vincent (Secretary). They also asked questions of the school cook.

With referece to previous targets:

  • There is still not an e-mail system in place for letters to parents. Several attempts to get this information have been made but very few parents have responded. There is a hope to purchase a scheme called 'Call Parents' that other schools are using successfully but we are not in a financial position to do this at the moment.
  • There is a litter policy in place and an extra litter bin has been placed at the top end of the yard.
  • Compost from the bins has been used, though this is still an area for improvement.

The completion of the Paza has introduced a new dimension to the school's Ecodrive as it is a carbon-free building with many exciting features, i.e walls lined with locally produced hay bales (visible), solar panels, sensor lights, windows and skylights, wood from renewable sources and under floor heating.

Targets for future consideration are:

  • Whilstthere are visitors who come to school to discuss matters of a global issue, i.e. Madagascar, Chembakoli, NSPCC, Rainforest protection, Rewnewable Energy, etc., these are infrequent and we are striving to make this a more regular occurence.
  • This year we have established a partnership with Waitrose to ensure fruit is available as a snack on 'FruityFridays'. We now need to move towards a more persuasive approach to healthy snacks being brought to school from home.
  • There is a national recognition of the importance of 'planting, growing and eating' with the inclusion of gardening as part of the curriculum under discussion at present. Currrently there are pockets of good practise within the school but it needs to be more widespread.
  • There is an ongoing process of developing the schools grounds and this is to continue. The 'Friends of Castle Park' have provided two large wooden structures fort the children to play on and are in the process of raising funds for a third. The markings on the yard are well used but look a little tiredand we are waiting for a quote to have them redone at the moment. Pupils and parents have also been surveyed in an attempt to find opinions on what to do with the school field when the school fence is finally completed - it is due to arrive within the next three weeks.

We are currently looking at the comfort of the upstairs classroooms with a regard to overheating dsuring the Summer months. Anti-glare blinds are about to be fitted and cooling fans are also to be installed.