Castle Park Uniform Shop

Volunteers from The Friends of Castle Park Association are starting uniform recycling shop. We will be accepting donations of good quality Castle Park Primary uniform which we will then make available for sale via facebook and at sale events in the school.

We hope that this will be a useful service for parents and that we can promote the reuse and recycling of often perfectly good pre-loved clothes.

Visit our Facebook Page for more information:

TESCOs are now selling our uniform the link is as follows

Please someone try it to see if the link works. If not I will try again.  Thank you

Uniform Donations

If you have any uniform you would like to donate then please leave it in the box that will be in reception from the middle of next week.

We do ask that all uniform donated is washed and folded to save our volunteers extra work.

It should also be good, reusable quality - if you wouldn't buy it then please don't donate it to us.

Buying Uniform

Pre-loved uniform can be purchased at sale dates which will be advertised in advance on this site and our facebook page. 

You can also message us on the facebook page if you need items and we will try our best to find them and supply them to you via the school.

New Uniforms

The Friends do not sell new uniforms.  These are available via Michael Hope using the link below or most supermarkets stock a wide range of uniforms.